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Mothly Meetings
Talented and well known artists demonstrate work
in water media at our monthly meetings at
First Christian Church, 2018 Colonade, Inverness, FL

Refreshments are offered from 11:30 - 12:00 PM.
Program begins at 12:00 PM.
Coming - 2018

September 14, 2018
Members Annual Show & Tell
Winner- Peggy LefebvreFounders Award

October 12, 2018
Kim Shields Demo
“Working from Photographs:  Start to Finish”

For me life has become, not about the destination, but rather learning to enjoy the journey.  That journey has not always taken a direct route.  There have been a few stops and detours along the way.  I suppose that also  describes my journey of discovering my place in fine art.

Aunt Jewell's North PastureI have had no formal education in art.  I graduated from a small Baptist college with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, with art as only an occasional enjoyment.   I have no regrets in that part of my journey, as I have learned much.   I have discovered  the ability to  create things with my hands.   I have the  satisfaction of  knowing I can run my own business.  I have enjoyed  meeting  and interacting with so many nice people.   Like most introverts, with a little help from friends, running my own company nudged  me out into this world.

10 years ago, because of some outside influences, I found myself taking a different path.   I put down the trowel, and picked up the artist's paint brushes,  and pulled from under the bed those paintings stored out of sight for too long.  Just as I had failed to pull out of myself  the gifts God gave me, and finally share them with others. 

There was a time when ten years was an eternity.  Now ten years as an artist makes me realize, ten years is only a beginning.  A beginning of a journey that will be winding, yet full of interesting and enjoyable discovery.  I believe like most artists, my best work is still before me.  And I am going to enjoy the journey getting there.

Excerpt from Kim's Website -

October 13 - 14, 2018
Two - Day Workshop with Kim Shields

“Working from Photographs:   Start to Finish”Woodland Trails

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November 9, 2018
Nancy Fisher Demo
"Spectacular Watercolor Florals-From Idea to Finish!"Nancy Fisher

Nancy Fisher is a nationally known china painter and watercolor teacher. She lives in Spring Hill, FL, and has a degree in art. She has taught in most of the 48 states and even in Europe. She has taught in schools in New York, Florida, Indiana, Arizona, the Midwest, and Michigan. Nancy is best know for her work on porcelain including painting glass lamps. That career has spanned over 50 years. She has also taught oil painting for 24 years, but has now returned to her first love, watercolor. Nancy will show how one art medium influences the other. Her specialty is florals. Her demi will show how to take an idea to a finished piece.


December 14, 2018
December Luncheon and Demo by Janet Rogers
"Watercolor Impression - The Gesture-
From Flowers to Figures"

Alabama Roses

Janet Rogers has been a working professional artist for overt 30 years, and has achieved Signature Status in The American Watercolor Society, The Florida Watercolor Society, South Carolina Watercolor Society and others.  She has garnered many awards over the years for her sensitive paintings of people which are spontaneous, direct, and expressive.  Janet shares easily with others her passion and joy for the fluid and unexpected nature of watercolor. 

Janet RogersHer workshops and demonstrations featuring impressions of people and also flowers are very popular across the United States, Canada, and in Europe.  ….. As well as her busy schedule of teaching, demonstrating and serving as Juror, she has contributed to several publications, including the book “The One-Hour Watercolorist” and has had four instructional and inspiring DVDs produced by Artist Palette Productions:  “Expressive Watercolor Florals”, “Expressive Watercolor Portraits”, “Watercolor Rhythms with Figures”, and “Expressing the Bouquet in Watercolor”.

Janet also has been featured in some painting videos on You Tube. 
You can view her work at   

“I love the qualities of watercolor – its fluid nature.  To me, the interaction of artist with the medium is like a dance – full of motion, feeling and expression.  I love to watch the painting develop and to discover new color and composition.

As a teacher, I would like to enable students to find their connections with watercolor in new and expressive ways.”

Janet Rogers, AWS, FWS, SCWS

December 15 - 16, 2018
Two-day Workshop with Janet Rogers
"Watercolor Impression - The Gesture-
From Flowers to Figures"

Green Dress

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Coming Programs 2019

January 11, 2019
Susan Strawbridge

February 8, 2019
Sue Primeau
"Is it Done Yet?"

Sue Primeau

Answers to your nagging questions....Is It Good Enough? - - Does It Need Something Else? - - Is It Hopeless?   No-Fear Assessing A Painting – Especially Your Own (up to 12 paintings from the members will be selected for reviewing.

March 8, 2019
Karlyn Holman Demo


Karlyn Holman is completely immersed in the world of art. Karlyn’s watercolor paintings reflect a special exuberance for her native area of Lake Superior and her travels around the world.

March 9-10, 2019
Two-Day Workshop with Karlyn Holman


April 12, 2019
Demo and Workshop TBA

May 10, 2019
Luncheon and Demo - TBA

June 14, 2019

July 2019
No Meeting

August 9, 2019

September 13, 2019
Members Annual Show & Tell
Win $50

October 11, 2019

November 8, 2019
Lynn Ferris

December 13, 2019
December Luncheon and Demo by Tom Jones



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