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June 8, 2018
Kathy Durdin

August 10, 2018
Marie Sloan

September 14, 2018
Members Show & Tell

October 12, 2018
Kim Shields

November 9, 2018
Nancy Fisher

December 14, 2018
Janet Rogers


January 12, 2018
Karly Holman

February 9, 2018
Carol Frye

March 9, 2018
Ruby Schwarzchild

April 13, 2018
Diane Simon

May 11, 2018
Luncheon & Demo
Tom Jones

2017 Calendar

Mothly Meetings
Talented and well known artists demonstrate work
in water media at our monthly meetings at
First Christian Church, 2018 Colonade, Inverness, FL

Refreshments are offered from 11:30 - 12:00 PM.
Program begins at 12:00 PM.
Coming - 2018

June 8, 2018
Kathy Durdin Demo
Kathy Durdin

Kathy Durdin is a national award winning watercolor and mixed media artist.  She has exhibited across Florida, as well as nationally, from New York to California.  Recent awards have been at the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club in NYC, and Pennsylvania Watercolor Society.  2011 exhibitions also included Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Tallahassee, and Florida Suncoast Watercolor Societies, among others.  2012 exhibitions to date include Watercolor Society of Houston, Texas Watercolor Society, Alabama Watercolor Society, Georgia Watercolor Society (honorable mention), Tri-State, Rockies West Watercolor Exhibition, and the upcoming Southern Watercolor Society, among others.  She is a signature member of Texas, Alabama, Tallahassee and Florida Suncoast Watercolor Societies.  She is also the 2012 President of Florida Watercolor Society.  Her work is in permanent collections in Florida and the President’s Collection at the College of William and Mary.  She is also on the Board of the Muscarelle Museum at the College of William and Mary, Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture and the Arts, President of Tampa Regional Artists and President Elect of the Historic Hyde Park Neighborhood Association.

She has always loved watercolor as a medium ­ while it is very unforgiving, its freshness cannot be replicated. Her style is loose, to take advantage of the characteristics of the medium.

As an artist, she wants to focus on what she connects with emotionally, people. She is always looking for inspiration around her -- she keeps a camera with her to gather images.  She finds interesting people, situations and images all the time.. She rarely works on posed situations, as she thinks informal interaction much more interesting. Watercolor provides her with a medium that allows her to create with work quickly and create paintings with freshness and immediacy as she expresses herself.

Kathy grew up with art, as her mother was an artist.  However, her formal art education was limited to design courses in college and 2 watercolor classes at her local community college 25 years ago.  She also takes watercolor workshops with artists whose work she admires, as well as studying the works of major watercolorists, particularly masters such as Paul Cezanne, John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer, Maurice Prendergast, and John Whorf as well as contemporary artists such as Stephen Scott Young.

Kathy’s work can be seen on her website,

During the day, Kathy is Chief Diversity Officer and a Director of Learning and Professional Development at Navigant Consulting, where she has been a consultant for over 30 years.  She is also a CPA and a Project Management Professional.  She is has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the College of William and Mary (where she was also one course short of an art history major).

June 9, 2018
One day Portraiture Workshop with Kathy Durdin

July, 2018
No Meeting

August 10, 2018
Marie Sloan
Acrylic Pouring

Marie was born in Hackensack, New Jersey. She moved to Florida after her Sophomore year of High School.  Having taken all the credits she needed to graduate, her last two years of High School were filled with art classes. Marie was fortunate to have 2 wonderful teachers. A husband and wife team, named Mr & Mrs Henderson.  There she learned Calligraphy, Linoleum printmaking, clay sculpture, story boards and much more.  She attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for one short semester. Work and school were too much to do, so her Art was put on the back burner up until 3 years ago. When caring for an elderly relative, her husband urged her to get back into Art and take some time for herself. So she signed up for an Oil Painting course at WTI. Marie found the Art Center and has been active in the WE Paint group on Wednesdays.  Marie joined the Citrus Watercolor Society, three years ago, loves to attend Workshops in all medias and enhance her skills. Marie has done work in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor and Colored Pencil.  She has not found the medium of choice yet, but she loves the journey.

AUGUST 11, 2018

September 14, 2018
Members Annual Show & Tell
Show & Tell

October 12, 2018
Kim Shields DemoKim Shields

For me life has become, not about the destination, but rather learning to enjoy the journey.  That journey has not always taken a direct route.  There have been a few stops and detours along the way.  I suppose that also  describes my journey of discovering my place in fine art.

Kim ShieldsI have had no formal education in art.  I graduated from a small Baptist college with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, with art as only an occasional enjoyment.   I have no regrets in that part of my journey, as I have learned much.   I have discovered  the ability to  create things with my hands.   I have the  satisfaction of  knowing I can run my own business.  I have enjoyed  meeting  and interacting with so many nice people.   Like most introverts, with a little help from friends, running my own company nudged  me out into this world.

10 years ago, because of some outside influences, I found myself taking a different path.   I put down the trowel, and picked up the artist's paint brushes,  and pulled from under the bed those paintings stored out of sight for too long.  Just as I had failed to pull out of myself  the gifts God gave me, and finally share them with others. 

There was a time when ten years was an eternity.  Now ten years as an artist makes me realize, ten years is only a beginning.  A beginning of a journey that will be winding, yet full of interesting and enjoyable discovery.  I believe like most artists, my best work is still before me.  And I am going to enjoy the journey getting there.

Excerpt from Kim's Website -

October 13 - 14, 2018
Two - Day Workshop with Kim Shields


November 9, 2018
Nancy Fisher Demo

Spectacular Watercolor Florals-From Idea to Finish!Nancy Fisher

Nancy Fisher is a nationally known china painter and watercolor teacher. She lives in Spring Hill, FL, and has a degree in art. She has taught in most of the 48 states and even in Europe. She has taught in schools in New York, Florida, Indiana, Arizona, the Midwest, and Michigan. Nancy is best know for her work on porcelain including painting glass lamps. That career has spanned over 50 years. She has also taught oil painting for 24 years, but has now returned to her first love, watercolor. Nancy will show how one art medium influences the other. Her specialty is florals. Her demi will show how to take an idea to a finished piece.


December 14, 2018
December Luncheon and Demo by Janet Rogers

Janet Rogers

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Janet currently lives in Ormond Beach, Florida with watercolorist, Steve Rogers.  Janet has won numerous awards from exhibiting her watercolors, including Disney’s Festival of the Masters, “Under the Oaks”, and the Florida Watercolor Society, of which she is a Signature Member, and also a Member with Excellence of the South Carolina Watercolor Society.  
Janet is well known for her sensitive portraits of women and children, as well as her expressive floral paintings.  She has gained much popularity as an instructor for many watercolor workshops in the United States and Europe.  Watercolor demonstrations are part of her busy schedule, including Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival,  Florida Watercolor Society, and of course workshops throughout the United States.  
Janet’s work is in Galleries in Maine, and Florida, and can also be found in the book “The One-Hour Watercolorist” by Patrick Seslar, and published by North Light, as well as her three new DVDs.

 “I love the fluid nature of watercolor.  To me, the interaction of artist with the medium is like a dance – full of motion, feeling, and expression.  Discovering new color and composition as the painting develops is my joy.  As a teacher, my goal is to enable students to find their connections with watercolor in new and expressive ways.”         Janet Rogers. AWS

Janet Rogers is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society and an award-winning artist for both her floral and portrait paintings. She is a very popular instructor, having taught watercolor workshops extensively throughout the United States and Europe. Jane has four DVDs (produced by Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, Boone NC): "Expressive Watercolor Portraits", "Expressive Watercolor Florals", "Watercolor Rhythms with Figures", and "Expressing the Bouquet in Watercolor". She has been featured in the book "The One-Hour Watercolorist" by Patrick Seslar (North Light Books) and in the July/August 2009 issue of American Artist Magazine

December 15 - 16, 2018
Two-day Workshop with Janet Rogers


Recent Programs 2018

January 12, 2018
Karlyn Holman


Karlyn Holman is completely immersed in the world of art. Karlyn’s watercolor paintings reflect a special exuberance for her native area of Lake Superior and her travels around the world.

Press Release by Norm Freyer

The 2017 fall program of talented artists that have appeared in demonstrations and workshops at the Citrus Watercolor Society (CWS) have been superb! And the first visiting artist in 2018, Karlyn Holman, is no exception. This is another “must see” for all members of the CWS. Karlyn will demonstrate at the Friday, January 12 meeting of the CWS. She is an internationally recognized artist, author and art instructor. She has owned and operated an art gallery since 1968. She is a prolific artist with a busy teaching schedule. Nature is the driving force in her paintings, whether abstract or realistic. Karlyn has a loose, spontaneous painting style and an energetic, encouraging teaching style. She has an MA in Art from the University of Wisconsin and has taught at the college level for ten years. She makes her home in Washburn, Wisconsin.

KarlynShe remarks, “Watercolor has always intrigued me. I enjoy the challenge of trying to control this elusive medium and I love the luminosity that transparent paint can produce. Watercolor is a balancing act between control and spontaneity. My most successful workshops are those in which I offer guided instruction as a basis for creating a look of spontaneity. Once armed with knowledge and mastery of basic techniques, you will be able to venture into the fascinating world of watercolor and mixed media. If you study and understand color theory, learn what each brush can do, and most importantly, develop an attitude of taking risks, you will be able to freely explore without boundaries.”Karlyn Holman

Karlyn Holman has had a studio-gallery for over 41 years and enjoys a full schedule of teaching workshops and painting in her studio. Karlyn’s watercolor paintings reflect a special kind of exuberance for her native area of Lake Superior and her travels around the world. Her paintings could be described as realism based on abstract structure. She has illustrated five children’s picture books. She has written three books on watercolor techniques, “Watercolor-The Spirit of Spontaneity”, “Watercolor Fun and Free”, and “Searching for the Artist Within”. Karlyn has taught on location in England, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Guatemala, Greece, France, Portugal, Austria, Yucatan, China, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Croatia, The Czech Republic, New Zealand and on three cruises in the Caribbean. You can see Karlyn Holman’s work at this web site:

February 9, 2018
Carol Frye
Carol Frye
Demo and Two-Day Workshop
February 10 & 11, 2018

Press Release by Norm Freyer

There is a special treat for those attending the February 9, 2018 meeting of the Citrus Watercolor Society, because the scheduled demonstrator is multimedia artist, Carol Frye. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Carol, but I am quite familiar with her artwork. It has been a consist qualifying entry into the Florida Watercolor Society annual exhibitions. For instance, since 2004 her work has appeared in nine of the last thirteen exhibitions, including the 2017 event. In her biography she states, “Having painted landscapes and still life for many years in a variety of mediums, my work has evolved from realism to abstraction, miniatures to murals. Born in Pennsylvania, majored in art education and moved on. Marriage, motherhood, years of travel with my now retired military husband, and several personal challenges gave strength to the foundation of both life and art. Since moving to Florida in 1994 I have become active in the art community, giving demonstrations, teaching workshops and offering private classes in many media.”

She continues,” Strong paintings with vibrant strokes of color, bold calligraphy and brilliant foils invite you to share my passion for the painting process. As a multimedia artist, most current works are both experimental and intuitive. For me, painting is really a spiritual process and each painting seems to flow and grow, layer upon layer quite naturally”. Carol identifies herself as a layerist, her term for the way in which her paintings are “built” and not gently stroked into being. Primarily working in watercolor, Frye recently began to combine gesso with her watercolor pigments to give more substance and body to the applications of paint. The resulting painted surface permitted her to scratch into it with colored pencils and tools to bring sharper definition to loosely composed foundation areas.

A consistent award winner, her paintings have been included in Local, State, Regional, National and International Competitions. Her work has been published in several national art magazines including Watercolor Magic, American Artist and Watercolor Magazine. Her professional memberships include National Watercolor Society (NWS), Florida Watercolor Society (FWS), International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA), the Texas Watercolor Society (TWS), and several others. Carol’s paintings can usually be seen in major art competitions throughout central Florida. She does a limited number of outdoor shows each year and has been represented by several galleries. Carol Frye’s work can be seen on the following web site:  Carol Frye will conduct a two-day workshop at the facility at the Whispering Pines Park in Inverness, FL. For information contact Mary Ann Hollars at 352-694-3814, or see the CWS web site at

March 9, 2018
Ruby Schwarzschild

Watercolor on YUPO

Ruby Schwarzchild

Photographer- Norm Freyer

The State of Florida has an abundant list of accomplished watercolor artists. There is no shortage of those artists who are available and willing to provide demonstrations and workshops that exhibit the various painting media and expression to fellow artists. The demonstrator at the March 9th meeting of the Citrus Watercolor Society (CWS) will be Lakeland artist Ruby Schwarzschild. She is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University with a Culinary Degree. This was followed with a 26-year career as an Executive Chef and Owner of a catering company. In 2007 she turned her attention to watercolor art, with watercolor and acrylic paints on paper including Yupo. Ruby has attended workshops and classes with many well-known artists. The results are shown both in her artwork and inclusion in the 44th Annual Florida Watercolor Society (FWS) Exhibition. She is an Appointed Director of the Florida Watercolor Society. Ruby has served for the last eight years as the FWS Convention Facilitator, managing each convention efficiently and effectively. You can view Ruby’s work on the following web site:


April 13, 2018
Diane G. Simon

Diane Simon

I have been blessed with many excellent instructors starting in grade school where my oldest sister was an Art Teacher. One of my majors in high school was art and when I applied to an art school, I was not accepted.

I DID manage to take some additional courses and have been able to take many workshops and classes through the Art Center Manatee, Keeton's Office and Art Supply, Cheap Joe's,  Kings Point Art League, and others. 

I have been teaching a Beginner Watercolor Class or doing Watercolor Workshops for almost nine years to residents of Sun City Center, Treelakes Community, and several local Art Guilds or Leagues.  I am a Signature Member of the Florida  Watercolor Society, Signature Member of the Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society, and member of  Kings Point Art League, Sun City Center Art League, and the Art Center Manatee.

I truly believe that IF you have a desire to paint, you can.  It is an attitude that develops with some basic guidelines and techniques.

Two-Day Workshop
April 14 & 15, 2018

Click above for Workshop Information

May 11, 2018
May Luncheon and Installation of Officers
Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club
505 E. Hartford Street
Hernando, FL 34442

11:00 AM Cash bar & Cocktails
12:00 PM Luncheon served

Luncheon will be followed by a Demonstration by Tom Jones

Tom Jones

"Tom Jones is a painter who possesses such power that by dipping his brushes in colored water only he gives us the feeling of being before nature itself. Master of his craft, he obtains extremely difficult effects such as moving our soul at the sight of a beam of sunlight piercing through the foliage of the forest. That is magic; That is a great painter."   Pablo Sansegundo-Castaneda

We love Tom Jones! He is an internationally known artist in many corporate and individual collections. He has been an Honorary member of CWS and inspires us with each demo and workshop and is a wonderful fun teacher.

"Tom holds nothing back as he teaches you simple and easy approaches to a beautiful, exciting and successful watercolor painting experience."

Tom shares his passion for art and love of nature with students of varying skill levels through international workshops, demonstrations, and instructional DVDs.

One-Day Workshops with TOM AND BONNIE JONES
May 12 and 13, 2018


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